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I currently have a whole bunch of debt. Hmm...I wonder how much I could get for my kidneys?
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Friday, May 26, 2006
I received my new credit card with the new lower APR than Chase has, and I called them up and transferred the balance right away. This means that I could, possibly, have money for forty more burritos in the coming year.

You see, in college, and largely because I am a glutton, I oftentimes measured my net worth in how many burritos I could afford. There are several delicous taco shops around here that provide exquisite California burritos for about three bucks a piece (with tax).

So, with the roughly hundred and twenty bucks that I will not be paying in interest, I can purchase forty burritos. Or, I guess, I could save it, or pay down other balances or something... :-).

I also received my new health insurance card in the mail from Kaiser Permanente, which I guess means that I can now get sick whenever I want to, so that will be good.

And finally, I don't know how much I will be able to post over the next several days as I am going on a trip to Minnesota, and as we all know, Minnesota does not have internet access. In fact, I think that it's illegal there. However, should I find some back room internet parlor, I will be sure to check in.

Have a great Memorial Day Weekend!
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