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Tuesday, May 16, 2006
How I Got Here
I, like so many others, got to having such a huge amount of debt by making a series of poor choices.

After graduating college in 2004, I had a summer job lined up, but I didn't really know what to do for work come fall. Over that summer was when a friend of mine told me that she needed someone to take over a home schooled English class that she had been teaching. At the time it seemed like a good financial idea due to the fact that she had had about twenty students, and she charged about fifty dollars a month for a couple of class sessions a month.

20 X 50 = $1000.

While this isn't a huge amount of money, I figured, with rent being about $225 a month, that it was feasible. And so I volunteered to take over her classes.

I worked on putting together the courses throughout the summer, and I was excited to be doing something that I thought mattered.

Unfortunately, as fall approached, I noticed that enrollment envelopes were not coming in as readily as I had expected. In fact, I only ended up receiving nine.

9 X 50 = $450. $450 X 1/2 = $225 = My Contribution towards rent.

My problem? I had committed myself to something that I couldn't get out of that was just a bad situation to be in. As money proceeded to get tighter and tighter, I leaned more and more on my credit cards. I knew that I needed to get a better job, but I also knew that I had a responsibility to finish what I had started as it just wouldn't be cool to leave a group of students half way through the year. So, I battled my way through it, and, I hope, taught my students something about the English language.

Although I learned a lot about myself and the material, I consider taking and keeping the job as an English teacher the worst mistake I have ever made in my life. Many people will undoubtedly disagree with me about whether this was indeed my biggest mistake as they read in the coming days about the other ways I managed to dig myself into this hole, but I believe that I had I not chosen to make so little money for so long, my financial situation would not look anything like it does right now.

This weakness that I have shown in my personal life however, reminds me how flawed I am, and how much I need something to cling to in this life that is, indeed, flawless.
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