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Tuesday, May 23, 2006
My Grandfather
Out of everybody in my family, I think that I respect my grandfather's approach to money the most, and this is the fundamental reason why: the man hates to purchase anything with credit. If he does put anything on credit, he is sure to pay it off before the end of the month so that he doesn't get zinged with an APR.

He is a small business owner, and his business does pretty well. Because of his relative success and keen financial savvy, the only large purchase that I ever remember him saying that he had to get credit for was the house that he and grandma currently live in. They have been there for thirty years, probably, and the value of that house has more that quintupled. Other than that, he pays for whatever vehicle he is buying with cash.

Now that's freedom.

As I sit here writing this, I find myself remiss for not remembering his example earlier on in my current struggle. Namely, I guess, before it became a struggle would have been a good time to remember it. :)

Ah well, I guess we live and we learn, and some of us insist on learning the hard way.
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