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Tuesday, May 30, 2006
On Vacation
Even on vacation, there are opportunities to save money.

I am staying, as a guest, with my girlfriend and her family in Minnesota (AKA The Land of 10,000 Mosquitoes). Her parents purchased into a timeshare, and so they can trade their vacation time for other resorts through the same chain.

Now, even at a resort, all things are not free. A round of golf is apparently in the neighborhood of a hundred bucks a person, and a four hour fishing trip with use of their lines and hooks is about forty-five bucks. This came as news to me.

However, there are certain activities that you can do for free, or at least for a very minimal cost. For example, I have gone out with people and played tennis for a couple of hours for free. This has provided some very low cost entertainment as well as some exercise to boot, and when you are hefty like yours truly, any exercise is a good thing.

I understand that swimming and spending time in the hot tub are also gratis.

In any case, I say, look for a couple of more expensive activities and save your money for them, as opposed to getting nickel and dimed (bikes are twenty bucks a day to rent!) out of the vacation money that you have worked hard to save.

I know for myself that one of my big expensives is going to be salve for all of the bites that I have been getting, but that's another story.
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