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Monday, June 05, 2006
The Artist's Life
I currently work a desk job, but my true love and desire is in the arts, particularly with singing and acting. What I have come to find out, though I always had it in the back of my mind, is that it is very difficult to make a living at either of these, unless you get "discovered." Therefore, due to the nasty habit that I have of getting hungry three times a day, I work a desk job that slowly robs me of my sanity.

Recently, though, I have come to be a part in two local productions, and I am either the lead or one of the leads in these shows. As far as monetary ramifications, I will receive a $200 stipend for one show, and I will receive nothing in a monetary sense for the other.

While it is exciting to finally get an acting job that pays, I find that it puts my passion into a crucible of sorts to test whether or not I really desire to do what I have always had the desire to do.

The economics of the show that I am getting paid for works out thusly: It is a twelve hour commitment per week for rehearsals, and it will be about sixteen hours a week for performances. This doesn't count the hour of driving time per rehearsal, as well as, let's conservatively say, the ten hours working of on my part at home. With seven weeks of rehearsals and six weeks of performances, the total number of hours is somewhere in the ballpark of 230 hours of work, which works out to $0.869 per hour.

But it could be argued that is time that I likely would not have been making money anyway, so even a slight intake of money is better than none.

What I am fortunately finding out through this whole process, however, is that the money is just the icing on the already incredibly delicious cake. I would do it for free, and, in fact, I will be for the other show this summer.

It is with great happiness that I observe that I am still in love with what I have always loved. Now, let's just see if I can make working at a theatre a viable economic alternative to working at a desk; if I can do that, I will be, of all men, most happy.
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