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Wednesday, June 28, 2006
High I.Q.? Nope, Haiku!
Before I get to the haiku for today, I wanted to link to what Dilbert's creator Scott Adams had to say about tipping today. Here is an exerpt:

"Yesterday I gave a speech at a hotel in San Francisco. Afterwards, the hotel valet was retrieving my car as I waited out front. I guarded my tiny carry-on sized bag against the two drooling doormen as their eyelids made cha-ching sounds. You could almost hear them thinking 'If I can touch his bag, he'll have to give me money.'"

The whole post is delightfully funny, as is most of what he has to say on his site, and it illustrates some of the confusion about tipping that we have in our society, especially for those of us who aren't super wealthy. It's obvious that we should tip waiters and waitresses, but what about the occasional bathroom attendant or hotel clerk in a fancy hotel? Do we tip them?

Actually, now that I'm writing this, I am reminded that the fellow who writes over at Waiter Rant re-posted an article from the Daily News about what amount is expected for tipping at various places of business. You can find that link here.

Also, Financial Freedumb posted a humorous article on how he hates tip jars, largely due to the fact that they are asking for a tip before the actual service is rendered. He then concludes the post with a pay-pal donation button. That's funny.

All right, let's get down to the poetry that describes something that went on in the last week that I know that you all are eagerly awaiting. Or at least I'll pretend that you are. :-)

Show me the money!
To solve the world's transgressions,
Foundation gets cash.
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