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Wednesday, June 28, 2006
Normally, I get to drive into work with my girlfriend, which is terrific because we split the cost of the parking garage, and our employer subsidizes what we spend.

However, sometimes, due to different commitments in the evenings (rehearsals, etc.), we have to drive separately, and usually I will volunteer to just go find parking elsewhere. There are times when I can find free parking on the street, but generally, I am forced to park in a lot.

Tangent: Man, if I ever get a good deal of money together, I'd buy a parking lot. Talk about value versus amount of work done! Tangent end.

My Mecca of parking is the six dollar lot. I love it. Six dollars to park all day? That's really not that bad, especially if you only do it once or twice a month. Unfortunately, that lot (understandably) fills up rather quickly, leaving me to search out the Sodom and Gomorra of parking lots: the eight to twelve dollar lots.

Yikes! Just the sound of it feels like a shiv entering my back.

About the only plus sign to any of these lots is the fact that some will take card: credit or debit. It is awesome to not have to worry about having cash when you are furiously strung out on caffeine, hoping to get to work on time. On the minus side, it's really easy to forget, especially if you pay with card, that parking for one day cost you just about a half-hour's wages.

Ouch! Just kick me in the junk, too, and call me Susan, why don't you!
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