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Friday, July 07, 2006
Pay per Post
There appears to be a lot of controversy around various personal finance sites about the new PayPerPost system. Many people consider it to be a very bad thing, even calling those who would do it sell-outs and spammers. Financial Freedumb and Make Love not Debt both express some strong opinions about the issue, and I'm sure many others do as well.

One of the big issues that seems to be a concern is that of credibility. If someone is paying you to write something, how can your reader truly discern your intentions in what you are writing about?

While this may be a valid concern if all of your reviews are very optimistic, from my understanding of the site, you are not necessarily supposed to give a positive review, you must just review the product, and leave that posted on your site for a specific amount of time. Therefore, one's credibility need not be called into question. If you like it, give it the thumbs up. If not, say it stinks. Either way, the writer is fulfilling his part of the bargain.

While on the topic of blogging for money, let me say this: one of the biggest ideas in our post-modern world is that things that are genuine and authentic are valuable. If one is blogging for money (directly, as opposed to Adsense or other ad income sources), one appears to be not writing for the sake of writing, but writing for the sake of getting paid. I don't really have an easy conclusion for this one, and this will be a difficult hurdle for bloggers to traverse should PayPerPost really take off.

One possible answer, though, is what if what you are getting paid to write about directly affects the content of your blog? For example, if I were to write an article about how to grow celery on this site, it wouldn't really fit, but if I were to write an article about how well or poorly HSBC Online Banking works, that would fit pretty well. If the topic goes with the theme of your site, shouldn't getting paid to write something that enhances your site's niche be a possible and even likely option? Why not get paid to write about what you would write about anyway?

Unfortunately, from what I've seen of the current opportunities on PayPerPost, they are too random to really be of value to me on this site. However, should that site take off and provide valuable topics for me to write about, that certainly would be a consideration.

I await your chastisement in the comments. :-)
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