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Wednesday, July 05, 2006
A Short Work Week
I love it when we get days off during the week.

For example, this week, we had to work Monday, but it was announced part way through the day that we could leave at lunch time should our work load permit. We then had yesterday off entirely.

So, today, I've got work, and it felt like a Monday, until I realized that I only had two more days this week that I have to work.

And the fact that I get paid for it all is the greatest gift yet.

Ah. Like so many fast food patrons in the commercials, I'm lovin' it.

Now if only I could convince them to serve margaritas at work, that would completely perfect it. :-)
posted by shamedsteven @ 10:24 AM  
  • At 11:29 AM, Blogger Mike said…

    Sucks for us hourly people though. I went to work on monday and got to leave early and get paid for a full day, but tuesday I did not get paid at all. On wednesday, we got to make up for two days worth of work and it sucked. I think I would have rather worked a full week?

  • At 9:49 AM, Blogger shamedsteven said…

    Yeah, back before I got hired on at this job (i.e. when I was working as a temp), it was always a mixed feeling when a holiday came up because on the one hand, I got time off, but on the other hand, I just lost out on 75-100 bucks.

    I almost sometimes would rather have worked. Almost. :-)

  • At 6:06 PM, Blogger Ms. MiniDucky said…

    But that's what Cinco de Mayo is for! What? They don't let you go get the free margaritas served on Cinco de Mayo? *tsk*

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