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Monday, August 28, 2006
The Elevator in the Parking Garage
I tend to park in a parking garage that my girlfriend and I split the payments on. Considering how much street or lot parking costs in downtown San Diego, she and I are getting quite a deal especially when you factor in the fact that the company that we work for subsidizes our parking expenses.

However, for the last couple of weeks, the garage's elevator has been acting, well, substandardly.

As I get in to work pretty close to nine, most of the lower levels are already filled up, so I have to park towards the top, which makes the elevator an appealing prospect as opposed to several flights of stairs. The elevator, perhaps emboldened by its own sense of importance, has decided to make its passengers realize their own mortality.

When the descent started this morning, the elevator was literally shaking so badly that the doors started opening and closing. I chuckled to a lady next to me in an effort to divert her attention from the gradually growing dark spot in the front of my pants.

In all seriousness, though I guess I'll have to talk to the attendants at the gate about it, although I can't believe no one has talked to them about it so far.

Oh, and maybe I'll start taking the stairs.
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