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Wednesday, August 23, 2006
Finding Freedom 101
As I was signing in this morning, I realized that yesterday I posted my 100th post.

Do I feel like I have a better grasp on all things financial than I did a couple months ago? Well, maybe not all things, but I do feel that with even just sitting and writing about ways to save money and to pay off debt has been very useful towards achieving my goals.

Let's hope that I can continue at the same pace, and, to that end, here is my new challenge to myself: I will be debt free by August 2007. As this is the time that I will hopefully be starting graduate school, I can't think of a better goal for myself than to be debt free by this time.

Will this be difficult? Oh yes it will. It will require a level of self-control rarely seen by the world from yours truly, but as I am sick and tired of having this monkey on my back, I believe that I can do it.

Is it feasible? Well, after looking at the various APR's and the balances associated therewith, I am going to have to pay off $1,596.17 a month to accomplish my goal. I take home just about $2300 a month, and my rent is $600. That leaves $103.83 for the other monetary burdens.

I'll admit that it does sound impossible; however, my Adsense revenue have really started to pick up. I am hoping to see this portion of my income continue to grow over the next several months as well, and this will add a better cushion between what I make and what I need to pay out.

Finally, even if this my dreams are too much like delusions of grandeur, if I can put any more money towards my debt than I have been putting in the past (which, sadly, includes actually adding to some of the balances on the credit cards) than I will be in a much better place a year from now than I am today.

August 2007, here I come!
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