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Wednesday, August 16, 2006
Pointing Fingers
The new apartment is great. My new roomie is a great guy, and he's even responsible enough to clean up when things are messy, which is leaps and bounds better than my previous roommates, who were firm believers in the law of entropy. Not that I'm such a clean person myself, but there are only so many times you can realize that there are maggots growing in the dirty dishes in the sink before you get fed up. That number for me is less than or equal to one.

However, as I spend time reflecting on how my roommates were good people but bad roommates, I need to be careful to get the whole picture across. When you are angry or disappointed with someone, it is often quite easy to take one of their least attractive traits and magnify it.

Is this how I would want people to look at and judge me? To look at my ugliest traits and think that I am nothing but that? A seriously in debt usually reformed gambler? Though this is generally how I present myself here, thinking about my former roommates has forced me to cast the glance inwards, and to think about myself. I had to realize that, even though some things really grate on a person, there is more to most people than the sum of their bad parts.

Here's to hoping that I will, in the future, remember the good times a little bit more readily than the bad. After all, aren't good relationships more important than a clean apartment? Not that one can't be helped by the other, mind you... :-)
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