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Wednesday, September 06, 2006
Cheaper Tickets
For people like me who enjoy the arts, and are honestly trying to pursue a career in them, seeing shows is an important part of the growing experience. Attending live theatre is both entertaining and informative as I have the opportunity to see how other people perform. I analyze how they said their lines, with whether or not I think that they delivered them correctly being a focal point.

It sounds snobbish, I know, but I really need to discern what is good from what is bad in order to grow as an actor.

Unfortunately, going to live theatre is among the most expensive hobbies a person can have. So, in my own searching, I have come up with a couple of sites that get you discounted tickets for the shows that you wish to go to.

1) -- This site has people who have bought tickets and, for whatever reason, have decided that they are not going to go to a performance. You can sometimes find good prices here, although the tendency in the sellers is to make money. This site is good if you are looking for a show that is hard to otherwise buy for. This site also offers sports and concert tickets.

2) Goldstar Events -- This has tickets that are priced at half off, but they are only for specific shows. This site requires you to open a free account to purchase tickets. It is worth it to browse this site for local shows as you may find cheaper seats than you expected, and

3) San Diego Performing Arts League -- This site offers tickets for shows that are going in specifically the San Diego area. As this is where I live, this site is very useful to me.

For you other theatre lovers out there, I hope that this short compilation of links is helpful for you to get your theatre fix.
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